Unprecedented Virtual Times

First and foremost, I hope you and yours are well during these unprecedented times...

It's quite clear we are living with some uncertainty and everyone is quite frightened by what's happening around the globe. However, the show MUST go on and we must do our part to keep the economy and money moving.

In fact, this may be the single most important time in history to acquire domain assets as the world moves online. This pandemic will pass and we will go on with normal life, however, that new normal might be more virtual that what we've seen previously as more industries adapt on how to operate from home. In our opinion, it couldn't be a better time to buy a premium domain to either develop or hold onto for future returns.

Below are two assets ready to sell today...

Unveil.com: 50k

Stimulation.com: 50k

Additionally, we are also working with a buyer looking for premium brandable or generic one or two word .com's to create a company in the lending space. The budget is up to 300k. We are only looking for one-word English generic .com domains.

We're also working with a very motivated LLL.com domain seller. To view the portfolio, click here and let me know if any interest you...

Some more names on our docket:

  • BeefJerky.com - Asking seven figures (high traffic revenue generating site)

  • Vermont.com - Asking seven figures (high traffic revenue generating site)

  • Appetizers.com - Asking over 250k

  • Anxiety.com - Asking over 250k

  • Cambridge.com - Asking between 100k - 250k

  • Generic.com - Asking between 100k - 250k

  • Brakes.com - Asking between 100k - 250k

  • SWOT.com - Asking btwn 50k - 100k

  • Yrk.com - Asking btwn 50k - 100k

  • Seniordating.com - Asking btwn 50k - 100k

  • Struts.com - Asking btwn 50k - 100k

  • Stimulation.com - Asking btwn 25k - 50k

  • Creditcardrewards.com - Asking btwn 25k - 50k

  • Smartliving.com - Asking 20k

  • Token.me - Asking 20k

  • Leather.net - Asking 20k

  • Grievances.com - Asking 20k

  • Renewable.org - 10k

  • Worldwidevirus.com - Asking 5k

  • Dull.net - Asking 3k

As always, if you're looking to sell or acquire a premium domain, let us know as we would be happy to partner.

To view all our domains for sale, click here

Lastly, be sure to follow us on Twitter for live domain updates.


Frank Aiello | Founder & Chief Broker


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