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Why Wouldn't you Acquire a Premium Domain?

I'm likely stating the obvious for many, but if you are presented a premium URL name and it's a word or phrase known throughout the world, would you think it's a good idea to purchase? If the domain is a highly searchable term, easy to remember and provides instant credibility with a strong, memorable, positive branding association, would you be interested in acquiring the domain?

Unfortunately, the fact is most settle for a long meaningless and hard to remember domains with the hopes that they'll sell their product or service online like magic. Few realize that you need an amazing paid search strategy that could cost you millions to stay competitive on Google or you could acquire a short memorable domain that's easy to remember and more friendly to the likes of Google.

In addition to the obvious, here are some additional reasons:

-Provides immediate credibility, perceived authority

-Radio test (i.e. Can your customers remember the name if they heard on the radio?

-Proven to convert stronger in paid search

-Per Google, prominently displayed higher on desktop and mobile search

-Easy to Spell compared to a longer domain

-Re-callable no matter when or where your brand is advertised

-Type in search (people are still willing and are typing in URLs)

-Proven to attract customers who have yet to make a brand decision

-Is memorable and easy to recall compared to longer domains

-Life long organic value over continuing to pay for adwords (traffic never goes away)

-Not P&L expense; is an appreciating asset/investment, with resale value

-A defensive investment to protect your brand and product

-The smartest companies acquiring premium domains daily

-Histories top sales (ie. 30M, 18M, 3.3M)

If there's an interest in buying or selling domains, get in touch.

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