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Buying a Domain Name

Buying a domain for your business is new easy task. There are about a billion options out there. According to Verisign, at the end of 2018 there were 338 million domains registered globally. So take the domains that aren't registered, add those and there are essentially trillions of options.

To any new buyer looking to create a presence online, this is daunting and quite frankly overwhelming. Luckily enough, there are several options to help nail domain the best domain possible. First and foremost, I recommend any new buyer type their name into Godaddy to see if it's taken and if it is, Godaddy does a great job of presenting several possible options availably, mostly which are for re-sale via Godaddy. You can contact these prospective buyers though Godaddy's brokerage service, however, for the most part, majority of the domains are list for 'buy now' prices, which means there is no room to negotiate down.

The second step is if you decide to enlist a broker, a broker can represent you and your best interests in acquiring a domain. So, for example, if you see your prize domain listed on Godaddy, that domain could in fact sell for 15k or maybe less depending on how much your broker negotiates the price down with the seller.

So as much as I love Godaddy and their services, the most important step in buying a domain is enlisting a broker, it will save you thousands once a deal is concluded. This is a high touch industry and as much as I appreciate automation and technology to streamline the sale of domains, buyer typically don't know there's extra savings on the table that required a little human interaction to manage.


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