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Buying Domains is Like Day Trading

I recently had a conversation with a client and he mentioned he received a significantly higher offer after the domain was sold. He was quite upset about the loss and couldn't really figure out what he did wrong. My answer, nothing at all. Buying and selling domains is very similar to buying and selling individual stocks. You are going to lose and win and it's extremely hard and near impossible to always determine the outcome.

Think about this, for every domain, there's likely over a million potential buyers and in most cases when you sell a domain, I can guarantee you are not connecting with all applicable buyers. In fact, you're probably only scratching the surface.

What's most important is this; what did I pay for the domain and am I turning healthy profit? If so, there's no need to fret over what you could of gained. Do you think Warren Buffett sits around in turmoil over the gains he lost?

Either way, my advice to all domain owners is this, you win some and you lose some.

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